Planning Committee and information about Planning Applications

The Village Council’s Planning Committee meets as required and makes recommendations on planning applications to Mid Sussex District Council which determines the application.

Representations about any planning application may be made at Planning Committee meetings or by letter or email to the Village Council or Mid Sussex District Council. Please note that correspondence must include a name and address as anonymous letters cannot be considered.

Please click here for more information about how planning applications in Ashurst Wood are determined, and the relevant matters, known as material planning considerations, that can be taken into account in reaching a decision to allow or refuse an application. See also the useful links below.

Click here for more information about material planning conditions.

The Ashurst Wood Neighbourhood Plan was formally ‘made’ on the 29th June 2016 and now forms part of the local development plan, together with the Mid Sussex District Plan (see below).

Anyone considering making a planning application may seek pre-planning advice from the planning authority, Mid Sussex District Council.  The website offers lots of useful guidance or call for further information 01444 477566 .
Building Control assist in the building process to meet the minimum standards set out in the Building Regulations and to safeguard the community from bad building practice.  Telephone 01444 477570.

For more local information, applicants may ask for pre-planning advice from the Village Council.  For details on pre-application guidance for Councillors and Developers click here

How to comment on a planning application (MSDC website)
Planning Help (Campaign to Protect Rural England)- How to comment on a planning application

National Planning Policy Framework, July 2018
Planning Practice Guidance
Mid Sussex District Plan

email: or call 01342 823770.