Annual Returns

The Council’s Annual Report which includes a summary of the Council’s income and expenditure is produced in June and is distributed to all homes in the village.  It is also available to view on the website under the Council’s pages newsletters & annual reports.

The accounts and annual return are prepared by the RFO, approved by the full Council, audited by the internal auditor and then sent to the external auditor. Below is copies of Annual Returns approved by an internal auditor (copy of reports also available below) and external auditor.

Notice of Public Rights & Publication of unaudited annual return year end 31st March 2019
Annual Return 2018-19 unaudited
Bank Reconciliation, supporting reserves & explanation of variances
2018-19 List of payments over £100 click here

Notice of conclusion of audited accounts for year end 31st March 2018
Annual Return 2017-18 audited

Notice of conclusion of audit for year end 31st March 2017
Annual Return 2016-17 audited

Annual Return 2015-16 audited

Annual Return 2014-15 audited

Internal Auditor Reports
2018-19 Year End Internal Auditor’s Report
2018 Internal Auditor Interim Report
2017-18 Year End Internal Auditors report
2017 Internal Auditors interim report
2016-17 Year End Internal Auditors report
2016 Internal Auditors interim report

2017-18 unaudited accounts – Click here to view a copy of the Annual Return
2017-18 Public Rights and Publication Notice click here

2017-18 list of payments over £100 click here