Local Bus and Train Information and Timetable Summary

BUS and TRAIN SERVICES. Click here for our Bus and Train Timetable Summary from 27th April 2019. This incorporates changes to times on the 261, 270 and 291 bus routes. The first early 261 journey now runs a few minutes earlier than before in each direction, and the second one no longer serves the village also in each direction. Anyone requiring to be in Uckfield before 09 00 will have to make their way via the Windmill Lane or Forest Row stops. Due to the withdrawal of West Sussex County Council funding for route 270, the 18 35 weekday journey from East Grinstead to Haywards Heath will no longer operate, but a new route 291 journey from East Grinstead to Forest Row partly replaces it. There are other minor changes to timings on route 291.

Ashurst Wood is served by three bus routes. The 270 (East Grinstead – Haywards Heath and Brighton) and 291 (Tunbridge Wells – Crawley) are operated by Metrobus (www.metrobus.co.uk). The 261 (Uckfield – East Grinstead) is operated by Compass Travel (www.compass-travel.co.uk). Train services from East Grinstead to Victoria are operated by Southern (www.southernrailway.com) and those to Bedford by Thameslink (www.thameslinkrailway.com).

The Village Council’s summary timetable shows all bus services between Forest Row, Ashurst Wood and East Grinstead (town and station), together with train connections between East Grinstead and East Croydon, Clapham Junction London stations and Bedford. We aim to update this whenever there is a timetable change, and should welcome comments and suggestions on how we could improve this information. The Village Council can accept no liability for inaccuracies; users should confirm details including fares information with operators.

Real-time information displays are not provided at bus stops in the village, but this information is available for Metrobus services from their website or (for mobile users) from www.mytraveline.mobi or similar apps.

A “Plusbus” scheme operates in the East Grinstead area including Ashurst Wood. This enables rail travellers to add local bus services to their train ticket for a reduced amount compared with buying separate bus and train tickets. “Plusbus” tickets are available for one day or for various lengths of season ticket, and have to be purchased from a railway station. For rail season ticket holders there are potential savings over parking charges. Full details can be found on www.plusbus.info/grinstead.

Please contact the Council Clerk if you would like to comment on or receive information about bus services in the area.