Annual Village Meeting

The Annual Village meeting for 2018 will take place at the Village Centre on Tuesday, 24th April from 7.00pm.
Presentations will include a summary of the Village Council’s projects and the  financial statement for 2017/18. Other presentations are yet to be announced.
The agenda will be published at least 7 clear days before the meeting.

The draft minutes from 2017 AVM are available on the links below:

Agenda 2017 AVM
AVM Slide Presentations 2017
Minutes AVM 2017 (draft)
Slides: Annual Village Meeting 2017
Copies of the slide presentations are available from the Council office 

The minutes and a copy of the presentations from 2016 AVM are available from the Council Office:
AVM 2016 slide presentations
AVM 2016 minutes

The minutes and copy of the presentations from the 2015 AVM can be viewed here:
AVM 2015 slide presentations
AVM minutes 19th May 2015
AVM 2014 minutes
AVM Presentations 2014 (large file)

If you wish to see presentations and Minutes from previous years, please contact the Clerk.