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Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) is preparing a Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) which will provide for the extra housing and employment sites needed across the district up to 2031.
The draft DPD has already undergone two consultations and a public hearing before an independent Inspector.
The Inspector has now suggested some final modifications, which have been published for consultation, finishing on the 24th January 2022.
The Inspector has not rejected any of the proposed housing sites in the draft document.

As advised in previous posts, there is one proposed housing site in Ashurst Wood. This is land south of Hammerwood Road, which is recommended for allocation for 12 units. The proposed policy for the site is SA26 in the draft DPD. The Inspector has made only minor changes to the wording of the policy.

The site was previously submitted for consideration for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan, but was not selected at that time. The Village Council did object to its inclusion in this DPD, on the grounds that the village has no residual requirement for new houses under the District Plan. However, the DPD is allocating additional houses required across the whole district and not by individual community. The site allocations will be in addition to those in the District Plan and in Neighbourhood Plans. The Village Council also objected to an alteration to the policy which states that access to the site will be either through Yewhurst Close or from Hammerwood Road.

In addition to the housing policy, the DPD protects land at the Ashurst Wood Industrial Estate as an existing employment site (Policy SA34 and Appendix A). Any development proposals for the site for non-employment purposes (eg housing) would be considered if it can be demonstrated that the existing use is no longer viable.

A new policy has been added to the DPD by the Inspector. SA39 supports proposals for specialist accommodation for older people and care homes on sites within a built up area or in a sustainable location.

The current consultation is only about the Inspector’s modifications and not about any other aspect of the DPD (which has already been consulted on twice). The Inspector will consider all the comments before providing his final report. If he concludes that the DPD is legally sound, it will be considered by MSDC with a view to adoption for adoption in Spring 2022.  

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