Anti-social behaviour

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There have been a number of recent problems with anti-social behaviour in the village.  This has included threatening and abusive behaviour and damage to property (including the Church and forge).  The Village Council has been in contact with the local Police and they have been making regular patrols around the village and taking other appropriate action.  The Police have emphasised the importance of reporting all incidents to them.  If a crime is in progress, or violence is being used or threatened, then you should phone 999.  Otherwise, incidents can be reported to the Sussex Police website   or by phoning 101.  If you are aware of the identity of the individuals responsible then please pass the names to the Police.  Photos and videos would also be very helpful.  Please also let the Village Council know so that we can ensure that the local police team is aware; but report to the Police first.  While reports on social media are helpful to other residents, they will not be seen by the Police.