MSDC Site Allocations Press Release

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Mid Sussex District Council has issued a Press Release about the proposed Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD).

The commitment to prepare this DPD was included in the District Plan (DP4) at the insistence of the Government Inspector, as there was a shortfall between the number of houses provided for in the Plan (including Neighbourhood Plan allocations) and the housing number calculated by the Inspector.

MSDC proposes to allocate a further 22 housing and 7 employment sites across Mid Sussex. The 22 housing sites would deliver 1962 dwellings.
There are no proposed employment site allocations in Ashurst Wood, but there is one proposed housing site (see below).

If approved by the District Council, the DPD will be published for a 6-week public consultation period in early October.

Ashurst Wood Housing Allocations
Five Ashurst Wood sites were submitted, following a Call for Sites. One site, adjacent to Truscotts Manor, was excluded as it did not meet the relevant criteria. Three sites were excluded after a screening exercise. These were:
Land east of Beeches Lane (210 units);
Land west of Dirty Lane (15 units);
Land east of Dirty Lane (9 units).

The remaining site, Land south of Hammerwood Road, is recommended for allocation for 12 units. The proposed policy for the site is SA26 in the draft DPD.

The site was previously submitted for consideration for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan, but was not selected at that time. The site has also been the subject of recent discussions between the Village Council and the landowners about the possibility of allotments.

The draft Site Allocations DPD and supporting documents can be seen here.

List of Ashurst Wood sites
Ashurst Wood site assessments
Draft Policy SA26 – Hammerwood Road site