Updated: Roadworks at Cansiron Lane / Hammerwood Road

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We have received the following information from our West Sussex County Councillor:

SGN are due to carry out upgrade works along Hammerwood Rd/Cansiron Lane commencing 13th January 2020.

This work is to replace a mains pipe which has been identified as requiring replacement under the HSE mandated gas pipe replacement programme. The contractor is Medway Civils & Utilities – they will undertake this work on behalf of SGN.

In consultation with Highways they have agreed to complete the following work, which includes traffic management in place to ensure the safety of everyone around the site:

  • From 13 January until 30 March (12 weeks), they will need to implement temporary multi-way signals to manage the traffic flow around the junction of Hammerwood Road and Cansiron Lane.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout.

Update 9th January 2020:
The team will be start work (on the 13th January) at the junction with Maypole Road and will work their way up to the junction of Cansiron Lane.They are aiming to try to do the works needed near the school in school holidays, but a lot depends on when they start and get to the pipe.

It will likely be another 3-4 weeks before works start on Cansiron Lane. Although they have a permit to close the road, they are aiming to do the work in sections to allow residents to get out either straight towards Hammerwood Road, or via the track that goes around the triangle. This prevents a full road closure.

Details of this will be sent to residents before the works start. The contractor is working to ensure they implement the least disruption as possible for residents. They are also in discussions with the Chair of the Private Road part of Cansiron Lane who will also help disseminate information to residents.

Although they won’t be starting at the junction with Cansiron Lane, traffic signals may still be in place there depending on when the teams are contracted to set up the equipment, and traffic management is implemented for the safety of the team and residents when deemed necessary.