Mid Sussex District Council Site Allocations Consultation

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Following the previous consultation in October-November 2019, Mid Sussex District Council has now published the Site Allocations Development Plan Document for its final (Regulation 19) Consultation. The document has been amended to take account of previous consultation responses and the consultation will end on the 28th September. The document will then be passed to an independent Inspector who will hold a Public Examination in order to decide whether the document is legally sound and can be adopted by the District Council.

The draft document is available to view at the Village Council’s office. Due to the current Covid restrictions you will not be able to enter the building to read it, but can contact the Clerk to arrange for it to be passed to you for reading outside. All the documentation is available online at the links below.

The District Plan sets out the housing and employment needs across the district until 2031. The Plan included a commitment to prepare a site allocations document in order to meet the shortfall of sites.

The Site Allocations Document recommends the allocation of 22 housing sites, 7 employment sites and a science and technology park. It also protects existing employment sites, including the Industrial Estate at Ashurst Wood. Employment sites will not be able to change their use unless it can be demonstrated that the site is no longer required or viable for employment use.

The total number of housing sites required across the district is 1280. One site in Ashurst Wood, in Hammerwood Road (next to Yewhurst Close) is recommended for allocation for 12 houses. The proposed policy is SA26. See below for links to relevant documentation.

Draft Site Allocations Development Plan Document (opens in new tab)
Site Allocations Library page (new tab – see details of SA26)
Guidance note for making representations (opens in new tab)
Online response form (opens in new tab)