Concessionary Fares

Concessionary Fares

Free bus passes or railcards from West Sussex County Council
West Sussex County Council offers a free one- year Senior Railcard, allowing you to purchase train fares at a discount OR you can apply for a free older persons bus pass. This is available to West Sussex residents who have reached state pension age.

WSCC also offers a free bus pass for someone with a disability OR a free one-year disabled persons railcard.

You can only obtain either a free bus pass or a free railcard from WSCC, not both.
Applications must be made direct to WSCC for a free bus pass or railcard.
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Purchase of senior or disabled railcards
If you choose to have a free bus pass, you can still purchase a senior or disabled persons railcard. A senior railcard costs £30 for one year, or £70 for a 3-year card. Senior railcards can be purchased by anyone who is 60 years old or older. A disabled persons railcard costs £20 for one year and £54 for a 3-year card.
Mid Sussex District Council allows eligible residents of Mid Sussex of state pension age to purchase a one-year senior railcard for the discounted price of £24, or a disabled persons card for the discounted price of £18.
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Note: There are no discounts for 3-year cards, but it is marginally cheaper to buy a full-priced 3-year senior card than three one-year discounted cards, and it costs the same to buy a 3-year disabled persons pass as three one-year discounted cards.
Note: depending on your age, you might be able to purchase a senior railcard but not qualify for a discounted card.

The discount code to enable you to obtain a discount on a one-year railcard is issued by the Village Council office.

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