Freedom of Information

The Council’s Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme can be viewed here.
NOTE: Before submitting a FOI request, please look through this website, as a lot of information about the Council and its activities can be found here.

Details of all FOI requests received and responses made will be posted on this page.

Response to FOI request from J Nelson, 15.01.2012

Response to FOI request from LM Nelson 23.08.12 posted 21.09.12

Request from Prestige Systems re models of servers, storage devices, tape libraries, etc requested 28/01/13.  Response (pdf)

Response dated 07/02/13 to FOI request from Ashurst Wood Resident regarding the Housing register:  

I have spoken to the Housing Development Officer at Mid Sussex as we do not hold the details here.  There is what’s called a common housing register which is held for the district, but as our affordable houses are specifically for those with Ashurst Wood connections then only those on the register that qualify will be considered.  As the homes are not actually available as yet, then they have not so far been advertised;  at which time they become available then those on the register who are eligible can then bid.  The Council will then look at the look needs and the connections with Ashurst Wood.

Currently on the register for rented: 68 with Ashurst Wood connections, Currently on the register for shared ownership: 11 with Ashurst Wood connections.

FOI request from Ashurst Wood resident relating to proposed development at Wealden House dated 3rd February 2019, and response dated 11th February 2019.

FOI request from Ellen Blacow regarding littering and fly-tipping