NP Proposed Housing Sites

Housing Sites

This page contains information about sites that were put forward by landowners for possible allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan. A Call for Sites was published by the Village Council (then the Parish Council) in May 2012. Five landowners responded to the Call and were invited to provide more information for a public consultation event. This information was displayed at the first Consultation in November 2012. Details of other possible sites, that had previously been assessed by Mid Sussex District Council, was also on display. For more information about the Consultation Event and the feedback from those who attended, see the Consultation page.

Following the event, a number of landowners contacted the Village Council’s Steering Group. A further Call for Sites was published in October 2013, and the total number of sites put forward by the end of 2013 was 14. These 14 sites were the subject of a public Consultation event in February 2014.

The Steering Group then assessed the 14 sites together with two further sites that the group considered they should include. The process took several months as the Steering Group wished to ensure that each site was fully assessed against a number of criteria, including sustainability and public feedback. The Site Assessments were published in December 2014. The Site Assessments Report outlines the owners’ proposals and includes a map showing all assessed sites. The Report forms part of the evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan and the sites that were proposed for allocation appeared in the pre-submission draft version of the Plan which was consulted on between January and March 2015.


 (February 2014)

Sites submitted by landowners

Plans provided by landowners are indicative only. Planning permission will be required for allocated sites before any proposal can go ahead and the application will need to comply with local and national planning policies, as well as any policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Sites allocated in the Plan:
Land between 98-104 Maypole Road                 Location Plan
Mount Pleasant Nursery, Cansiron Lane               Plans
Willow Trees, Lewes Road                                   Site Plan
Spinney Hill, Lewes Road                                    Site Plan
Wealden House, Lewes Road (EDF site)             option 1                   option 2
Wealden House LIC, Lewes Road                     Location Plan

Sites not allocated in the Plan:
Ashburnham, Woods Hill Lane.                         Location Plan         sketches
(note: sketches include adjacent land)
Land NE Woods Hill Lane                                 Location Plan
Rear of 45 Maypole Road                                  Plans
Land at Dirty Lane                                             Location Plan          Site Plan 1             Site Plan 2
Hammerfield, Cansiron Lane                              Location Plan           Site Plan
Abbey View, Hammerwood Road                      Site Plan
Land South of Hammerwood Road                    Site Plan
Land South of Hammerwood Road (Chartin)      Site Plan

Other sites considered and not allocated in Plan
Springhill, Beeches Lane
Land adjacent to playing fields (of former Stoke Brunswick School), Maypole Road

Mid Sussex District Council Site Assessments

Mid Sussex District Council assessed some sites in Ashurst Wood as part of its 2013 Housing Supply Document, also known as a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, or SHLAA.

This is a document that MSDC is required to produce to enable it to identify potential housing sites. It is part of the evidence to support its emerging District Plan. The inclusion of a site on the list does not mean that it will be allocated for housing or obtain planning permission. Likewise the exclusion of a site from the list does not preclude it from being assessed as part of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The 2013 MSDC site assessments for Ashurst Wood can be viewed here.

When assessing the sites, the Steering Group took into account the assessments carried out by MSDC.

MSDC updated the SHLAA in 2016, and it can be seen here. Document no longer available.

MSDC is preparing a new document in 2018, known as a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). More information can be seen here.