Community Forum


This was an opportunity for people in the village to meet with local Police representatives and discuss issues affecting the village.

Regular meetings of the Forum were cancelled due to lack of public attendance. The Council continues to liaise with representatives from Sussex Police on matters relating to crime in the village.

Ashurst Wood generally enjoys a low crime rate, and by remaining vigilant we can help to keep this rate low. Unfortunately there have been recent incidents of anti-social and other criminal behaviour and the Police have been working hard to bring the small group of people responsible to account.

Should you see suspicious behaviour or have concerns that a crime may have been committed contact the Police using telephone number 101 alternatively contact Sussex Police via their web-site at

The emergency number 999 (or 112) should be used if a crime is being committed or if you feel that you are under a threat of harm.

Crimestoppers is an independent crime fighting charity and they can be contacted through their web-site or by calling 0800 555 111 where you can report an issue anonymously.

There is currently no active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the village and the Village Council is always interested to speak to anyone who would like to re-establish the scheme.