Your Village Councillors

All Councillors are expected to attend the full Council meetings and the Planning Committee meetings.
Members can be appointed to sit on other committees and a Chairman and Vice-chairman are appointed.

To contact your councillors, you may email them direct on the email addresses below or email the Clerk on or call 01342 823770 (this number is manned Monday to Thursday, messages may be left).

CouncillorContact EmailRegister of Interests
Jenny Forbes
Chair of the full Council and Planning Committee of Interests
Trudy of Interests - T Draper
Janet of Interests - J Haite
David of Interests - D Loveday
James of Interests - J Lee
Brian Phillips
Vice-Chairman of Interests - B Phillips
Bob of Interests - B Spoor
Alice of Interests - A Tyrrell

Councillors do not receive an allowance, but the Council has resolved that the following expenses may be claimed:

  • Travelling and Subsistence Allowances: Car Mileage 45p per mile with 3p per mile for 1 passenger, and 5p pm for two passengers
  • Childcare Allowance: To be payable at the National Minimum Wage
  • Dependent Carer’s Allowance: To be payable at the actual amount charged, with the maximum rate (currently £15 per hour) to rise in line with inflation.
  • Ink cartridge: Costs could be reclaimed
  • Paper: To be supplied by the office if needed