The Finance and Administration Committee considers the draft budget for the next financial year at its October and November meetings. The Committee’s recommendations are presented to the full Council for consideration at its December meeting. The draft budget and precept is then agreed in principle and published on the Council’s website. At the Council’s February meeting it will reconsider and confirm the budget and precept for the coming financial year. 

The published budget (below) shows the previous year’s actual expenditure, the current year’s budget and expenditure to date (up to January), followed by the budget for the new financial year.

Items of income and expenditure are available to view at any time at the Council’s offices or information can be requested from the Clerk or Responsible Financial Officer

Draft Budget 2022-2023

Draft budget for 2021-2022 pdf (to be considered by the Council for approval on 2nd February 2021)
Budget for 2020-2021