Winter Management Plan


Winter Management Plan 2020-2021 (pdf)
Hard copy available from the Clerk

Information from WSCC:  WSCC Town and Parish Council article

The Winter Management Plan aims to help ensure that the village is prepared for extreme weather conditions and has been produced after consultation with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC).

The plan must be simple, low in capital cost, and proportionate to the current perceived level of threat and actual or potential resources deployed by other public authorities and services in their contingency plans. It is regularly reviewed before each winter, in accordance with the long and medium range forecasts for that winter.

The plan is designed to keep key roads and junctions in the village clear and to minimise any potential disruption to public transport links to the village.  The Grit Salt bins are replenished annually and residents are asked to use the grit salt supply as directed on the boxes; this supply is for junctions and pavements only and ‘not’ private driveways.

Residents are asked to help by clearing the pavement outside their homes to help keep pavements clear. Volunteers are also needed to help to clear snow from other areas around the village.  If you can help, please contact the Village Council Office.

In carrying out this plan the Village Council is not taking on the responsibility of West Sussex County Council (WSCC). The plan links in with arrangements put in place by Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) and WSCC, whose insurers have been notified of this plan and its implications. Although this plan refers to “gritting”, the material provided by WSCC comprises mainly rock salt.  The Village Council has no control over the specification of material provided by WSCC.

Road gritting within Ashurst Wood:
Gritting by lorry continues to be resourced by WSCC and covers the roads listed below and known as the “Winter Service Network”. No other roads in the village will be gritted by WSCC and snow will only be cleared from the A22.

  • A22
  • Wall Hill/Hammerwood Road bus route
  • Maypole Road
  • Woods Hill Lane
  • Hammerwood Road (War Memorial to Maypole Road)

If you are a contractor and would be interested in contracting to clear snow in the village, please contact the Clerk. You must have your own public liability insurance. See the Winter Management Plan for more information