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  • The next Meeting of the Full Council will be Tuesday, 3rd October 2023 at 7.00pm
  • A Planning Meeting will take place on Tuesday, 3rd October at 6.45pm

Road Safety in Ashurst Wood


One of the roles of the Village Council is to liaise with officers at West Sussex County Council (WSCC) with regard to matters concerning maintenance and safety of the roads, pavements and public footpaths in the village. Highways issues are raised by residents on a regular basis, with concerns including traffic speed, pedestrian safety, inconsiderate parking, encroaching vegetation and visibility at junctions. These concerns are not unique to Ashurst Wood and there is not always a remedy as many of us own cars and wish to drive around the area.

WSCC as highways authority is responsible for highways improvements and schemes are subject to funding being available, for example contributions from developers of new houses. The Village Council will consider offering funding for minor schemes (subject to approval by WSCC).

Road Safety Improvements to date

Several actions to improve road safety have been taken over the years, including:

  • reduction of the speed limit on the A22 from 40mph to 30mph, with flashing warning lights, by WSCC in 2007
  • pedestrian island in the A22 by the top of Hammerwood Road - collaboration between the Village Council and WSCC
  • Double yellow lines at Wall Hill Road to deter parking at the junction, by WSCC supported by the Village Council in 2011
  • Traffic Regulation Order to extend zig zag lines and double yellow lines by the Primary School, by WSCC at the request of the school in 2017
  • Speed surveys carried out regularly by WSCC at the request of the Village Council on several sites around the village
  • Community Speed Watch set up by the Village Council in 2005, unfortunately insufficient volunteers to proceed with scheme and subsequent requests for volunteers unsuccessful
  • Unsuitable for HGV sign erected by Village Council by War Memorial
  • Wheelie bin stickers supplied by Village Council - pilot scheme agreed with Mid Sussex District Council (owners of the bins); stickers on bins in 4 streets for 6 months, 2011
  • Village Council shared use of a Speed Indicator Device with other Councils, then purchased own device in 2021. Data about speed downloaded from devices
  • Request from Village Council for junction improvements at Maypole Road/School Lane. WSCC design team advised that scheme not financially viable
  • Stop lines repositioned at School Lane and Maypole Road junction by WSCC to assist traffic emerging from School Lane
  • Village Council constructed footpath through John Pears and private land at top of Wall Hill Road, to allow pedestrians to walk off the highway for some distance 2013-2016 - collaboration with Mid Sussex District Council, WSCC, East Sussex County Council and Forest Row Parish Council

Road Safety Survey 2022

The Village Council circulated a Road Safety Survey with its Spring 2022 Newsletter. This was hand delivered to every house in the village and placed on the website. A summary of the responses can be seen below.
The Council has established a Highways Working Group to consider consider the responses and make recommendations.

Update November 2022

The Village Council has agreed to seek a 20 mph speed limit to cover all or part of the village. In order to achieve this, the Council has submitted applications to West Sussex County Council for both a Traffic Regulation Order and a Community Highway Scheme. The applications will now be assessed and scored against a number of criteria.

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